bluestem amphitheater (source)

In the face of adversity your silence is a sound

In the heat of battle your non-action is profound

Your decision to ignore

The suffering of those around you

In an effort to remain comfortable 

Makes you less in my eyes

It makes you small

As unremarkable as a fly 

And twice as irritating.

I firmly believe life isn’t hard because it’s meant to be that way. 

Life is hard because people make it that way.

People broken and reformed in the image of an unfeeling environment

Encouraged to produce flowers of cruelty and scents of corruption

But still their beauty draws in the novice and master alike.

(oct 8, 2019)

Published by Ikpemesi O

Hello, my name is Ikpemesi Ogundare I am a musician, artist and writer. My purpose is to Educate, Advocate and Entertain.

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