Roommates: Nikki

Nikki relaxing on the couch in our apartment (circa Oct. 2019)

While my roommates scramble to pack

and young men stroll outside my window

I lay in silence

the only noise to be heard?

the tapping of my keyboard

small discreet noises that nevertheless should draw the attention of my roommates

But they are packing. 

Attempting to contain their lives within 4 totes, 3 duffle bags and 2 luggage’s.

My friend Nikki loves to nest. 

Her life isn’t so easily contained.

Whereas my four years can be packed within a few hours and transported to the next location 

Her life must be treated with care.

Surprising objects contain sparkling memories she always shares.

Containing her? Takes days, sometimes weeks. 

As each piece of her life is lovingly stored or reluctantly discarded.

“Do you want this?”

Four words that conceal her attachment to these things.

Things that have consoled her in the midst of her despair. 

Reminding her why she’s here.

Memories immortalized in pictures, rocks, bottles, sand.

Memories treasured, never forgotten, always at hand.

(mar 23, 2020)

Published by Ikpemesi O

Hello, my name is Ikpemesi Ogundare I am a musician, artist and writer. My purpose is to Educate, Advocate and Entertain.

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